"There is a town in North Ontario
Dream comfort memory to spare
And in my mind I still need a place to go
All my changes were there"

Substitute Southwestern Ohio for North Ontario and the lrics could belong to me.  I was reared in the Ohio town of Milford...a bucolic little place, then and now.  It was a little slice of Mayberry except the drunks were not funny little men.  Drunkenness in the real world is poignant and pathetic at best and more likely tragic and despairing.

This photo was taken about 20 years ago but the "downtown" has changed little in appearance since the 1950s and 1960s.  Saturday in those days would have seen a bustling of activity and traffic.

The site of Disketes jewelery located near the "Ten Cent Store" in those days.

Kuhlman's Market...a grocery store before the days of supermarkets.

This tire store is located where the Kroger supermarket was that soon replaced the little grocery stores.  I met Rocky Marciano here just after he retired as an undefeated champ.  He was on a tour promoting potatoes.

This was the site of the Marie Clare upscale dress shop.

The legendary Milcroft Inn!

This is from a film clip of the old Milford bridge.

Milford Hardware

Original site of Milford Ford

Original site of Milford Taxi.  Back in the day Milford Taxi was the dispatcher for the Milford Volunteer Fire Department.

Another view of the Milcroft Inn, later called the Mill Street Manor.

Old ad for the Milpoint located at Five Points

From an old film clip about thr annual psrade and Parkmore's Restaurant

Original site of Pasquale's Pizza

Original site of Rinks Bargain City.

Old film clip approaching Tiny's store.

Original site of Wund's Department Store

Old film clip of Main Street near the barber shop

The original school is now demolished.


Old MHS auditorium.  I can almost hear Mr. Fley addressing us as  "boys and girls."

The old cafeteria!

The original gym had fan shaped metal backboards.

Ugh!  The Principal's office!

From the yearbook...the new high school in 1962